The Textile Types

                    and materials



The art embroidery uses only high quality materials.

The basic materials:

Brilliant Office:

A velvet is a Textile, what is double-sided woven then dyed and is equipped. Finally, the Webgut is apart cut and it creates the velvet with its shiny Fluff, which also has a very special feel.

Is a cheap one Textile that has properties like silk.  It is made of 100% Natural fiber made.

Designer poplin:
Is a suitable one Textile for hand-colored fabric print. It becomes a 100% Polyester fabric.

Ipure silk, which is very sensitive, but has the semi-gloss finish. (Semi cry). For reasons of price no longer applicable.

It will Embroidery also easy on normal woven goods for example in Plain weave or twill weave.


Customer goods:
We also embroider their goods from the carpet to clothing  of the
tablecloth to the horse blanket. We are your contact around around the embroidery.